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online learning

What is online learning?

Online learning means that any kind of training and learning that takes place through the Internet and electronically. In this article, we want to introduce you a little more to the concept of online learning or e-learning

When it comes to studying, a specific pattern is defined. Until the early 21st century, education was in an educational setting where students were guided by a teacher. The physical presence of individuals was obvious, and any other way of learning was best questioned in some way. Then, with the evolution of the computer world, the learning landscape changed dramatically.

In fact, online learning is a computer-based learning tool or system that allows you to learn anywhere, anytime. Today, online learning is mostly done over the Internet, whereas in the past this was done by combining computer-based methods such as CD-ROM. Technology has advanced so much that the geographical distance has been destroyed by using a tool that gives you the feeling that you are sitting in a classroom. Online learning gives you the ability to share lessons in a variety of formats, including videos, animations, word documents, and pdf. Execution of webinars (live and online classes) and communication with professors through chat and question and answer sites are other options available to users.

Too many different online learning systems (in other words, the e-learning system)Or the LMS system) and there are other methods that give access to training courses. With the right tools, various processes, such as exam scores or content production processes, work automatically. Learning online gives students the ability to choose the right learning for their lifestyle and effectively allows even the busiest people to advance their careers and gain new qualifications.

Some of the most important educational advances occurred when the Internet entered the marketplace. These days, students have mastered the use of smartphones, texting and the use of the Internet.

So participating in and running online classes has become a simple matter. Online messaging, social media, and other online communication channels allow students to interact with each other and discuss academic issues, as well as cultivate a sense of community in them.

In today's fast-paced world of learning, existing technologies for producing exciting courses are constantly changing; course content needs to be updated quickly to give students the latest information. This is especially important when online learning is given to employees in areas where updating in industrial development is most important. This is one of the reasons why businesses are now offering training through online learning; other reasons are the low cost and ability of employees to study at their desired time and place.
Overall, learning in the traditional way is expensive and time consuming and also has volatile results. Online learning offers an alternative that is faster, cheaper, and inherently better.

It doesn't matter if you, as a high school teacher, are actively involved with students or a union instructor hired by a large company to design training courses, when it comes to the benefits that make production and delivery easier. E-learning has a lot to say.

The important benefits of e-learning are summarized below:

No borders without restrictions

Aside from spatial constraints, time is another problem that both students and teachers face in learning. In face-to-face learning, the location is limited to those who are able to attend class, and time is limited to people who can attend at a specific time. E-learning facilitates timeless organization of time and space for those who are interested in attending unlimited time and space courses

Attractive learning

The design of interactive and fun courses using various media or recent game-watering methods not only engages students but also increases the time allotted to the subjects in question.

Effective cost

This section is for both teachers and students, and it is likely that in each of these groups, you will be required to pay an exorbitant fee for up-to-date copies of school or university textbooks. Although books become obsolete over time and have a constant need for new and updated versions, this need is not felt in online learning.

Effective and appropriate learning

As companies and organizations use technology to increase the efficiency of their day-to-day operations, the use of the Internet has become a necessity. With the expansion of international law firms around the world, the likelihood of working with people from around the world is increasing; and educating all of them at the same time is a goal that online learning has successfully achieved.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Learning

"In e-learning, let's integrate everything that exists and apply it in real life."

In an effort to enhance the credibility of the curriculum, professors are sometimes invited by experts in various fields to present a conference on a related topic. In traditional teaching methods, professors were required to extend invitations to these professionals, as well as to pay for their flight, accommodation, and training.
However, in online learning, professors can host a lecture without paying a high fee. This can be done virtually using cameras and microphones for both the speaker and the student group, which facilitates interaction as much as the physical presence under one roof.

The other advantage is that we can review the speech and get more information. Students who missed the opportunity to see the lecture can look at it in a recorded way, or those who are interested can watch it again to better understand it. 

Concerns about online learning. Despite all the benefits of learning online, there is no denying its flaws.

Learning practical skills online is more difficult. For example, as much as you can easily share, videotape, and explain about building a wooden table, the practical experience is Pottery and machine engineering is other skills that require physical experience


While online learning gives a person the ability to be comfortable, flexible, and able to access the classroom remotely and at any time, students may feel lonely. This is because online learning is purely individual, and it gives students the feeling that they are completely alone. With the advancement of technology and the effectiveness of online learning, students can actively communicate with professors and other students using video conferencing, social media, questions and answers.

Concerns about health

Learning online requires you to use a computer and other electronic devices; this means putting pressure on the springs, sitting incorrectly, and other physical problems that may affect students. When conducting online study courses, it is best to send brochures to the audience in order to sit properly, table height, and suggestions for regular rest