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About Us

This process is supported or controlled by the VIA International Organization.

The VIA International Organization is ready to support all genius young people so that we can take the best talent from all over the world and help them in their main positions, which are the paths to success.Because it is these geniuses who are changing the world, and today we have the best life through their

Discoveries and have been found the best technology.

We are determined to remove the diamonds from the rocks, mountains, and coals so that they can find the best value and enter the market with their original value.

Hashmy is the co-founder of VIA  which was launched when he was 19. Naweed makes it to our list of the top young and successful entrepreneurs. Via today stands firm among all the  hosting services and has not lost its popularity over the years.

Now he is the investor of Genius students Project.


In Age 30 he has signed the Partnership Contract with VIA International Organization and has become one of VIA International Organization Share Holders.

AMITT CHAUDHARY Partner of hotels in India and he is one of best investors in India.

AMITT CHAUDHARY is one of kind hearted peoples that he loves always to serve the poor peoples and to support all kids to have a bright future and be a successful person


what we want? 

We are looking for genius student to support them, motivate them, and make them ready for a bright future.

What we want to do is, to find out all intelligent, smart and Genius students, we are going to support them financially on their educational status, on their researches, on their Projects, because all of the genius students have creative minds and they can grow up much better than normal brains if we could found them and support them they can be the future of technology, they can be the future of science, the can be the future of medicals Etc.

By supporting them we can help the future generation, in medical, in technology in everything

Each country need geniuses to grow up its GoV, by using them in each field’s Couse they are successful in everything.

Every family wants to make their children well Educated to support them in the future, in some cases they can’t see that their kids are genius, and they always try to push them down, nut always support their normal kids.

The genius kids have only one problem that they don’t act like normal peoples, they always act like abnormal peoples that’s Y it’s very hard to understand them, and to feel them, to support them and they slowly slowly lost their patients, fade, confidence and they start to live like normal peoples that’s y they always get field, they can’t grow up in normal live it’s impossible.

They are genius, they should live like genius, they should act like genius and they should work like genius we don’t have to turn them in a normal live, it can break them,

If we found a 5 years old kid asked for help to support him making a plane, don’t think even a moment support him,  he can do that be sure he is a genius nothing Is about the age, everything is about the brain and intelligence.

If a kid says that he can make a computer don’t tell him your crazy, he is not he can do that we should understand them they are deferent they are genius they are incredible.

Now if you can’t understand about the IQ Level of your kids let us help you,

We are going to recognize them to you and we are going to support them and you to gather we are going to work on them to gather we are going to support them and open the real way of life to them.

Let’s burn 21 century Albert Einstein, D Abdul kalam, Adasen lets be a parts of future.